The Humanities Department, before now, was known as the ‘General Studies Department’ which was meant to handle all the trade related subjects - courses.

The subjects taught then, were

  1. English language
  2. Social studies
  3. Mathematics
  4. Economics
  5. Literature-in-English
  6. Chemistry
  7. Physics
  8. Business Studies e.t.c.

Mr. Ola Egbe at its inception was the Head of the Department.
With the introduction of Science classes, there was a change in nomenclature from ‘General Studies’ to Arts and Social Sciences Department. This department sooner metamorphosed into Humanities Department that saw Mr. Akinwusi, as the pioneer HOD followed by Miss Ozoemena and presently, Mr. U. S. Ifon.

Members of the Department are:

  1. Mr. Ifon U.S.
  2. Mr. Adoga B.
  3. Mrs. Iordye E.M.
  4. Mr Angilibi G.A.
  5. Mrs. Audu J.U.
  6. Mrs. Chime N.C.
  7. Mrs. Adeka P.E.
  8. Mr. Adugh S.
  9. Mr. Obilor M.C
  10. Mr. Peter Idakwu
  11. Mr. Godobe A.
  12. Mr. Ejembi J.
  13. Mrs. Adeniran R. F.

Humanities Department is the only department that stands out to celebrate its existence annually, organizing a get-together to further enhance and buttress inter-personal relationship and unity among members.

We are using this opportunity to thank the management for always being on hand to support us any time a need arises, and this love has actually affected the students positively in their final examinations.