Guidance Counselling

The Guidance and Counselling Department has a counselling clinic where students receive vocational, educational and personal/social services. The clinic also undertakes follow-up services to student`s problems even after passing out of the college, as a way of enhancing out-of-college lives of students.

In the Department, Guidance Counsellors engage in preventive counselling and guidance through regular weekly talks on relevant topics delivered during general Assembly every Friday and in small group sessions in various classes.

The Head of Department of Guidance and Counselling co-ordinates the activities of clubs and societies in the college which provides another opportunity to give group Guidance talks according to the interest of the students.

The Department also engages in therapeutic counselling by ensuring proper diagnosis and treatment/therapy of students` presenting problems through the use of psychological test instruments such as Study Behaviour Inventory (SBI), Career Interest Inventory (CII), Student Problem Inventory (SPI) and Student Subject Choice Battery (SSCB).

In some special cases, parents/guardians of some students are invited for counselling, especially where parents and children have opposite interests in careers and choice of subjects.

As part of follow-up services of the Department, counsellors keep track of our former students in the various tertiary institutions and the courses they study for the purpose of constantly updating membership of old students association of the college. Sometimes, these old students are invited to give motivational talks to the students as role models during important occasions of the college. 

The department has three professional Guidance Counsellors and two support staff namely:

  1. Okereke C. Chima      -    Head of Department        -        ADE   GL 15
  2. Obilikwu H. (Mrs)    -    Guidance Counsellor          -        CEO   GL 14
  3. Shima Adugh           -    Guidance Counsellor          -        PEO   GL 12
  4. Ochai Esther (Mrs)            -    Support Staff           -                  GL 08
  5. Akinlosotu Esther (Mrs) -  Support Staff                  -                  GL 08

For more information on other services and the college Guidance Counselling Programmes, please call the following numbers; 08035137590, 08180110048 or e-mail