Construction Trades

Designers and builders are the think-tanks of national development. This is where the department stands in the scheme of affairs in Federal Science and Technical College, Otukpo. Designing and Construction are the special areas of this department.

The department is composed of:

  1. Building Construction Section
  2. Carpentry and Joinery Section
  3. Painting and Decorating Section 

It offers National Technical Certificate (NTC) in those three areas.

Furthermore, it should be remarked that all our sections turn out products that can fly on their own from this point on. This is in the sense that they are able to establish themselves in private practice. Those that choose to further their academic career engage in such part time that they are able to train themselves in tertiary institutions.

The staff of the department comprises of:

  1. Academic staff:
1 Mr.M.A. Idoko 15 Technical Drawing
2 Mr.P.C.Ugwu 15 Introductory Technology
3 Mr.S.Eteh 15 Building Constr./Drawing
4 Mr. Awuri 14 Engineering Drawing
5 Mr. J. Jideofor 13 Painting and Decorating
6 Mr. A. Aiwansubor 13 Carpentry & Joinery/ Intro. Tech.
7 Mr. S.O. Eji Ali 12 Carpentry & Joinery
8 Mr. M. Ichakpa 12 Building Construction/TD
9 Mr. Dakup D.V. 12 Technical Drawing
10 Mr. S. Agbo 12 Paint.& Dec./Creative Art
11 Mr. S.O. Ogbeche 10 WD.WK. & Tech. Drawing


  1. Non–Academic staff:
  1. Mr. T. Abutu                                       GL 07
  2. Mr. Onjefu I.                                       GL 07
  3. Mr. Adakole A.A.                                GL 05