The association of old Boys of the college was inaugurated in the year 2007, during the administration of Mr. C.E.C. Okenyi as the principal of the college.

The first president of the association is Mr Jeff Adoga who latter handed over to Mr Charles Chibuike with some other Exco members to run the affairs of the association.

The Old Boy’s association has branches prominently in Kaduna, Abuja and Enugu. The Association came up with their maiden edition of their Almanac which was launched on the 2nd of October 2003.

Presently, they have no fixed arrangement for their meetings but the president summons meetings when the need arises.

Their representative with the School Based Management Committee (SBMC) is Mr Simeon Korie.

They have a gigantic sign post carrying the logo of the school still under construction, to be mounted at the college main entrance.

The membership of the Exco is as follows:

  1. Jeff Adoka                      -        Ex-President
  2. Chibuike Charles           -        President
  3. James Nnamani             -        Secretary
  4. Ekwo Joseph                  -        Financial Secretary
  5. Jack Philip                              -        Treasurer
  6. Attah Ochoja                  -        P.R.O.
  7. Mr Elaigwu, S.O.            -        Patron
  8. Mrs Odahi E.O.              -        Matron.